This program is for little ones and a parent/guardian/sitter. Activities are designed to be readily accessible to two-year olds. We routinely have children from newborn to 4, depending on the group dynamics. 

We are returning MONDAYS in January of 2024!  Our first winter/spring class is January 22, 2024. Please contact us with any questions, for more information, or to register. You can also register online here. Space is Limited!

We take a break in the summer. 

If you are interested in registering for our FALL term, Mondays September 9, 2024-December 16, 2024, please register online here. Spaces will be limited!

Typical Playgroup Schedule

• 9-9:35am Free Play

• 9:35-9:40am Clean Up

• 9:40-9:55am Snack & Story

• 9:55-10:10am Craft

• 10:10-10:20am Large Group Activity

• 10:20-10:30am Circle Time Songs & Finger Plays

What to Expect?

Parent/Playgroup Guardian is responsible for your child during the program.  There will be a facilitator that leads the group, but the facilitator is there to complement your guidance of your child.  Parents or caregivers are expected to be responsible for both their child’s safety and behavior.  

We recognize that parents and caregivers will know how to provide the best experience for their respective child, so please feel free to take breaks from the group or modify activities to suit your individual child.


Some children may be overwhelmed or uncomfortable about a group play situation initially.  Be patient with them. We’ll all get “in the groove” in a couple weeks.


Please do not bring snacks or drinks for your child during free play time.  It will be distracting and confusing to other children and can create a germ situation.  We will take turns bringing snacks and diluted juice or water during a designated snack time.  We will certainly understand if you must supply your own snack/drink during our snack time due to allergies or sensitivities. We highly recommend brining your own sippy cup/water bottle that your child is familiar with.


Play clothes are a must.  We’ll work with glue, markers, paint, and a variety of other art media throughout the program.  We’ll stick to washable products as much as possible to reduce stains.


As with any organized group activity, if you or your child is sick or has a fever (or has within the last 24 hours) please refrain from bringing them to playgroup that day. If you were potentially exposed to COVID or have a household family member with it please wait 5 days from contact. If you show symptoms after having been at Playgroup, please call us ASAP.


We will be using toys that are easy to clean and sanitize in a commercial grade dishwasher and sanitizer. All toys, floors, tables, chairs and surfaces will have been cleaned before your arrival and again after your departure. 


Playgroup will start on MONDAYS at 9:00am beginning Mondays in the ROUND Christian Life Center (CLC, Building B) Building at the front of campus (classroom 3).

 If there are school closings due to Hurricane like conditions, playgroup will also not meet.


Please park in the front (rectangular) church lot. The Christian Life Center (CLC) is the round building (Building B) connected to the breezeway awning. Follow the footprints to the Playgroup classroom. If you have an older child in preschool, feel free to drop them to their room in the ministry center & preschool building and then come up to the CLC building for Playgroup. Preschool drop off will be going on the same time.


Contact Miss Abby Moss in our Church Office with any questions. 813-961-2182