Inside Our August, 2019 Newsletter

Have you ever felt uncomfortable living out your faith in our world today? The values of our culture have drastically shifted over the last 25 years. This often causes us to question how to remain faithful to the way of Jesus in sometimes an unfriendly environment.

This uncomfortable feeling is nothing new for God’s people. They often find themselves marginalized and wondering how to live in a culture that is not very friendly to their faith. The book of Daniel deals with this in the Old Testament. Daniel, a Hebrew, finds himself living in exile serving a king who isn’t too friendly to God’s ways. Yet, during these uncomfortable situations, Daniel remains faithful while continuing to engage with the culture around him bearing witness to the true God.

Our new sermon series, Uncomfortable: Visions and Stories from Daniel, will go thru the book of Daniel leading us to see how to remain faithful living in our world today. I look forward to walking with you thru this, as Jesus transforms us to be His disciples engaging in our world.

This will all kick off on Rally Day, August 11th. There will be special family activities during the Sunday School hour, as well as a congregational picnic following our services. I hope you join us as we celebrate God working in our midst.

God’s Peace, Pastor Mark