Worship at Messiah

We have options to worship online and in person.  We have plenty of space at each service for social distancing.  Reservations are no longer required,  

Sunday In-Person Worship Schedule

8:30 am -- Mask Required

10:00 am -- Mask Optional

11:30 am -- Mask Optional

1:00 pm in Spanish -- Mask Required   

Join us in person or view the online services below.

Sunday, June 13th Worship, 8:30AM or later.

Click play above or view on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/08WMbOn30Tk

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Below are some questions to help you reflect on the sermon:


  1. What do you remember about the narrative about Noah in the Bible?
  2. Read Genesis 9:9:8-17. What promise does God make to Noah?
  3. Read Genesis 9:18-29 This is a strange section. What does Noah’s response in vv. 18-24, show us about Noah? Is Noah without sin?
  4. Read 1 Peter 3:18-22. What aspects of the narrative about Noah does Peter highlight? In your Baptism, how has the story of Noah played out in your life?

Sunday, June 6th Worship Online at 8:30am or later

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View the Bulletin

Below are some questions to help you reflect on the sermon:

1.   Retell the story of Adam and Eve from how you remember it?

2.  Read Genesis 2:4 - 3:21. After re reading about Adam and Eve, what is different from what you remember?

3.  Remembering that “man” means Adam in Hebrew. What other similarities do you have to Adam and Eve?

4.  Where do you see the promise and graciousness of God in how he works with Adam and Eve? How does this point to Jesus?