Worship at Messiah

During this pandemic we have options to worship online and in person.  Due to social distancing guidelines we are asking that you make a reservation for in person worship.  Links to view the online services and make reservations for in person worship are below.

In Person Worship July 12th

Reservations are required to ensure proper social distancing.  Reservations will go live Tuesday, at 9 am and will close when the service reaches it's capacity or Saturday evening.

8:30 AM:  Click here for a reservation for 8:30 am

10:00AM: Click here for a reservation for 10:00am

11:30  AM:  Click here for a reservation for 11:30 am

For online options scroll below.  Links will be posted as they come available. 

Sunday, July 5th Worship Online at 8:30am or later

Click play above or view on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/UBRwtrEqrxA

Sunday, June 28th Worship

Click play above or view on YouTube at:  https://youtu.be/8D8RICGJdCo

Here are some discussion questions for your household for after worship:

  1. Describe a time when you saw someone look down on someone else because they were different?
  2. Read Romans 9:1-5. Why is Paul’s heart so broken?
  3. Read Romans 9:6-13. According to Paul what makes us God’s children?
  4. How does God’s mercy towards you in making you a child of his promise affect how you relate to those who are different than you?

Sunday, June 21st Worship at 8:30 am or later

Click play above or watch on Youtube at:  https://youtu.be/-hag5SCZDd0

We are livestreaming for the first time this morning.  So the camera angle is a little different. 

Information for Sunday School can be found at www.MessiahTampa.com/SundaySchool Because of the livestream it will no longer be added to the end of worship, but can be viewed separately by clicking above.

Here are some discussion questions for you and your household:

  1. Describe a time you experienced God’s love when you were overwhelmed?
  2. Read Romans 8:28-39. Paul mentioned trial and tribulation and many others things that you might think would separate you from God. What are some things you experience in your life, that you feel could separate you from God and hope?
  3. According to Paul, who or what is able to separate us from the love of God?