Worship at Messiah

We have options to worship online and in person.  Reservations are no longer required,  

Sunday In-Person Worship Schedule

8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 am

All services are mask optional.  There will be some areas for social distancing at all services

1:00 pm in Spanish

Join us in person or view the online services below.

Sunday, January 23rd Worship, 8:30 AM or later.

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Below are a few question to help you reflect on the sermon.  Click here to find family devotions based on the same theme. 

1.  Describe a time in life in which you saw or felt God working in a big way.

2.  Read Mark 4:1-20. What is the parable of the sower about? Who causes the seeds to grow?

3.  Read Mark 4:26-33. Who causes the seeds to grow? How is the Kingdom of God like a mustard seed?

4. This week go and find a big tree. As you sit by and look at that big tree, think of how it started as a seed. Reflect on your own faith and promise of Jesus that comes like seeds.


Sunday, January 16th Worship Online at 8:30am or later

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Mark Reading Plan

Use the questions below to help you and your household reflect on the sermon.  You can also find family devotions based on the same theme here.

1.  Think of a time when it was difficult for you to forgive someone. What emotions did you feel as you wrestled with what it meant to forgive them?

2.  Read Mark 2:1-12. If you were busy and someone broke into your home to be healed, how would you respond?  How does Jesus respond?  Why do scribes get angry? When have you gotten angry in a similar situation?

3.  How does Jesus bring restoration to the paralyzed man?

4.  Read the rest of Mark 2 and 3. How does Jesus restore different people back to God in each of the stories?