Messiah Lutheran Church Facility Usage

God has richly blessed Messiah Lutheran Church, giving us a great gift in our facilities, buildings, and grounds. As with any gift, God does not want us to keep it to ourselves (Matthew 25). We desire Messiah Lutheran Church's facilities to be used by our members and ministries, groups and organization, and to reach out into our community so that people may hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our facilities are dedicated to the glory of God. The sacrificial giving of the Lord's people has provided these facilities and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to maintain them in good condition. To that end, our facility use policy exists to ensure that everyone who uses our facilities does so in a manner fitting Christ's family, that does not contradict the church’s faith.

For more information about using the Facility at Messiah Lutheran Church contact our facility coordinator at  Below are our facility use policy and statement of faith.  

Facility Use Policy

Statement of Faith