Vacation Bible School

Messiah Lutheran Church conducts one week of action packed adventure for kids in the community every summer. We had a great VBS week June  4 - 8, 2018. We had 120 attendees 4 year old (preschool age) - 6th grade. We also had over 50 volunteers (70% of them being teens and young adults). We were also able to raise over $500 for our offering projects to benefit families in need of flood buckets and provide scholarship opportunities for students to attend sports camp where they will also learn about Jesus.

Thank you for your participation! We look forward to seeing you again Summer 2019!

Game On! 

Gearing Up for Life's Big Game

Program Description

Grab your pom-poms, lace up your cleats, and tune up your horn. It’s time to gear up for the big game! 

It’s go time! Whether you’re the type to root from the stands, march in the band, cheer on the field, or hustle to the line, the time is now-it’s Game On!

Life is full of pressure -- to perform well, to be the best, and to excel in every arena. Life’s big game can seem like no fun. But when we step back, we realize that the goal is not competing in our own strength. God has already given us everything we need! He’s given us His complete Word and the ultimate playbook. He’s given us Himself, which gives us reason to celebrate. He wants us to join His team, to train hard, to celebrate His victory for us, to encourage one another and spur each other on. 

Let’s discover how Jesus cares for us, gives us hope, gives us faith to believe, loves us, and gives us joy! What are you waiting for? Join us for Spirit Week 2018: It’s Game On!

Those older than 6th grade, consider helping with VBS. There are many opportunities available, and there is a lot of joy and gratification in doing this.