Events & Activities

Messiah Lutheran Church & Preschool is a vibrant community of Christians who continuously work in the mission field of Tampa and beyond to help others and spread God's love. Please join us or contact us about any of the events listed below to see how you can either attend or get involved. You can also get more details in our monthly newsletter and event calendar

  • Prayer Vigil - Saturday, February 10th

    We invite you to spend time in prayer with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on Saturday, February 10th, between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

    The purpose of this Prayer Vigil is to have an intentional time in the sanctuary to go to the Lord with special petitions and prayers, both as a group and privately as individuals for a one hour period. Some suggestions to focus on in the hour of prayer include:

     ● A Lenten journey of faith and repentance as we walk through the season of Lent.

     ● Our Lord’s guidance for our Church, Pastor, staff, leadership, and implementation of the Strategic Plan.

     ● Our Lord’s Presence in the lives of every member of Messiah as we pray for one another by name.

     ● National concerns for the United States.

     ● Peace in the areas of turmoil, conflict and war in the world.

    Please fill in your name and that you can be present for our prayer vigil. Prayer is a powerful privilege and an act of worship that our Lord is pleased to receive from us. Let us glorify Him as we set aside this one hour for any prayer concern.