From Inside Our August 2017 Newsletter

Dear Messiah Lutheran Church, 

August is rolling in! School starts soon! Routines are being redefined  as we work into our new schedules! 

I always find it beneficial to think about the important things before  settling into a routine. These questions can help you think of what is important: What is it that you feel God calling you to do? How much quality time are you spending as a family? Are you just fitting that quality time in or is it a priority? How can you make sure and set aside the time for devotion with your family? 

I always find it beneficial to look at my schedule and see if I’m setting  my schedule or if my schedule is running me. In other words, am I doing the things that God is calling me to do, or is my focus on just getting through the week. 

When I think through those questions there are a few things I know I need in my schedule and I’ve scheduled them. 

For instance, I’ve added a time in the evening on my calendar for dinner  with a family devotion. I’ve also added a prayer walk time where I walk around my neighborhood with my family and pray for my neighbors 2 times a week. I then schedule other things around things like these. I encourage you to do the same. 

As we look at getting back into our routines, on Rally Day, August 13th, we’ll be starting a new sermon series on the book of Nehemiah called Let’s Build Something Together. Nehemiah is a great book that helps us focus on what is important as we go the direction God calls us to go. 

After the Babylonians carried God’s people off into exile for over 70 years and then allowed them to return home, Nehemiah senses that they are in trouble because there is no wall for protection around Jerusalem. So Nehemiah first turns back to God and then leads God’s people to rebuild the wall. There are great lessons for us on focusing on God and moving forward with His plan. I hope you will join us for this exciting new series. 

I pray that you feel God’s presence guiding you and that He uses you  to be a blessing to those around you this upcoming school year!

God’s Peace,

Pastor Mark