Join us as we read each week

Use the questions each week to reflect on the message or talk about it with some friends or family.

December 1 - -Jeremiah 23 and Matthew 21

  1. When have you felt scattered in your life? Where do you try to find hope when you feel scattered?

  2. Read Jeremiah 23: 1-2. How have the leaders of God’s people scattered them in Jeremiah’s day? What were they neglecting?

  3. Read Jeremiah 23:3-8. What does God promise to do?

  4. Read Matthew 21:1-16. What does it look like when God comes to gather his people once again?

  5. Where do we, as God’s people, find hope in the midst of our sin and being scattered?

November 17 -- God's Promise

  1. What is a favorite gift that you have given? What made that a favorite gift to give?
  2. Read Matthew 7: 7-12. What does Jesus invite you to do? Why does he do this?
  3. Often times we can feel unworthy to ask God because of our sin and evil. How do these verses give you confidence to approach God and ask?        

November 10, 2019 -- Matthew 6:25-34

Check out the sermon here.  
  1. What is your biggest worry or anxiety?
  2. Read Matthew 6:25-34..Jeuss uses flowers and birds, things that his hearers would have seen every day, to remind his followers that God provides for them. What are some different things that you see everyday, that remind you that your Heavenly Father provides for you?
  3. What emotions do these words of Jesus bring out in you?
  4. In verse 33, Jesus invites us to see and seek the Kingdom of God. His Kingdom is full of blessings Jesus brings like forgiveness and life. Where do you see the Kingdom of God at work today?

November 3 -- Genesis 14

Check out the sermon here.
  1. What moves you to be generous in your life?
  2. Read Genesis 14:17-24. This occurs after Abram, had a great victory. Who does Melchizedek say gave Abram the victory? Who delivered Abram’s enemies into his hand?
  3. How does Abram respond to what Melchizedek? How does this show that Abram trusts God?
  4. This is the first example of a tithe, giving God 10% of what he’s given, in the Bible. God had just delivered Abram. How has God delivered you?
  5. Why should we tithe, giving God “a tenth of everything?” What does tithing show us about God?