Join us as we read thru Luke

Check out the reading plan here. Use the questions each week to reflect on the message or talk about it with some friends or family.

March 24 -- Luke 16 The Rich Man and Lazarus

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  1. Describe a time when you gave someone good advice and they didn’t listen to you? Why do you think they didn’t change their behavior based on your advise?
  2. Read Luke 16:19-31. How is the rich man’s attitude towards Lazarus? How do we often act the same way?
  3. The rich man asks that he might send Lazarus to go warn his brothers. How does Abraham respond in this story? What warning does this bring to you?
  4. On a scale of 1-5, how have the Pharisees been in listening to and changing to follow God’s way? Why do you think Jesus says in verse 31 that even in someone rises from the dead, they wouldn’t listen to him?
  5. Read Luke 24:13-35. This is a post resurrection account of Jesus. If you were to ask the two men who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus, “why did Jesus rise from the dead?”, how do you think they would respond?

March 17, 2019 -- The Picture

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  1. Describe a time when you lost something very valuable to you. What was it like looking for it, and how did you feel when you found it?
  2. Read Luke 15:11-24 This story describes a very rebellious son who squanders away everything his father has given him. How does the father respond when he returns? Why do you think he responds in that way?
  3. Read Luke 15:25-32 How does the older brother respond to the party thrown by the father for the rebellious son? Why does the older brother respond in this way?
  4. Have there been similar times when you have responded like the older brother, when God shows grace to someone you don’t think deserves it?
  5. How does the Father respond to the older brother outside of the party? What is the Father’s response for you when you are acting like the older brother?
  6. Bonus: For an interesting take on the older brother’s perspective, take a look at this video, done by Pastor Michael Ziegler, the speaker of the Lutheran Hour:

Obligation March 11, 2019

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  1. Describe a time you did something out of obligation. How did you feel?
  2. Read Luke 14:12-24. Why do you think those invited start making excuses for why they can not attend the banquet?
  3. Jesus is speaking about the banquet He is bringing as He ushers in the Kingdom of God. What are some of the excuse we might make to avoid following Jesus?
  4. When there are people who don’t want to attend, who does the master instruct the servant to bring in? What emotions does that evoke in you?
  5. Read Luke 14:23-24. This is a tough verse. If you look at this in context, who will inherit the kingdom of God? What hope does this bring to you?

March 4, 2019 -- Luke 12

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  1. Who or what do you listen to that causes anxiety in your life?
  2. Read Luke 12:13-21. What are some ways you build bigger barns both physically and spiritually?   
  3. Where does Jesus say our focus should be? 
  4. Read Luke 12:22-34. Jesus uses examples from nature to show how much God cares for you. Share a few other examples that show how much God takes care of you. 
  5. How do you find comfort in the midst of anxiety? How does Jesus encourage you in those tough anxious times?           

Hidden In Plain Sight -- Luke 11 -- February 24

  1. When you pray what do you typically pray for?
  2. Read Luke 11:1-4. In your own words describe what Jesus wants us to pray for. (A Small Catechism might help here)
  3. Read Luke 11:5-13. What are the gifts from God that he eagerly desires to give to you that are often hidden in plain sight?
  4. What are the things that you should persistently ask God for in your life?
  5. How can the Lord’s Prayer be a model to pray for you?