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Use the questions each week to reflect on the message or talk about it with some friends or family.

Acts 19 -- July 15, 2019 -- True Power

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  1. What, in today’s world, makes it difficult for you to live out your faith?
  2. Read Daniel 1:1-7. What do the Babylonians do to try and strip Daniel and his friends of their identity of God’s people? If you were Daniel and your friends, how would you be tempted to respond?
  3. Read Daniel 1:8-21. How does Daniel respond to the Babylonians? What does God give him and us that enables us to respond in this way?
  4. Read 1 Peter 2:13-25. Here Peter speaks of submitting to authorities, who we might sometimes not agree with. What wisdom does Peter give to you in these verses?     

August 4, 2019 Acts 28

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  1. Tell a story of a time when you tried to tell someone something important and they didn’t understand.
  2. Read Acts 28:17-31. What does Paul do in Rome? Why do so many people not believe his message about Jesus?
  3. Read Isaiah 6:1-13. Isaiah is a prophet called by God to speak His word to His people. What is the message Isaiah has to say to God’s people who had gone astray in the Old Testament?
  4. Why do you think Paul quotes Isaiah at this point in Acts?
  5. What should we do with the message Jesus gives us, in a world that often doesn’t want to hear? How does the ending of Acts give you hope?

July 28, 2019 -- Acts 27

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  1. Read Acts 27:13-26. What happens along Paul’s journey to Rome? What promise does Jesus through an Angel of the Lord give Paul?
  2. When are some times that you have felt in distress in your life? What is God’s promise for you? How do you know His promise is true?
  3. Read Acts 27:27-44. What does God use to preserve his people through the 14 days of the storm? What is Paul’s role in this?
  4. What is God’s promise for us in the midst of suffering? How can you encourage a Christian friend who is going through suffering in their life?     

July 23, 2019 -- Acts 10

Check out the sermon here.
  1. Read Acts 21:7-16. How does Paul respond to Agabus when he prophesied that Paul will be put into prison?
  2. Often times things can be scary for us in our faith. How can Paul’s trust in Jesus encourage you?
  3. After Paul is arrested, he gives similar speeches in his defense. Read 22:1-22. What are the key points of his speech?
  4. In times when the world seems to persecute you, how can you keep speaking of Jesus and the resurrection?
  5. Bonus Question: For an overview of this whole section Read Acts 20-26. What are some common elements across these verses? How do they help us understand the way of Jesus?