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Use the questions each week to reflect on the message or talk about it with some friends or family.

June 23 2019 Acts 13

Check out the sermon here:  
  1. Acts 13 deals with a sermon of Paul’s. Read Acts 13:15-41. What is the point of his sermon?
  2. Reads Acts 13:42-52. What happens as a result of his sermon?
  3. Why do you think the Jews were full of jealousy (the greek is zealousness) in 13:45?
  4. In what ways are we zealous for similar things? What is the result of that zealousness in our faith?
  5. Despite the persecution, in 13:52 it says “the disciples were filled with joy.” In what ways do you have joy even in the midst of hardships that your faith in Jesus leads you into.   

June 16, 2019 -- Acts 12

Check out the sermon here.

  1. Tell about a time when God answered a prayer that you prayed?
  2. Read Acts 12:1-5. What happens to James and Peter? What is the response of the Christians? Would your response be any different?
  3. Read Acts 12:6-19. What happens to Peter? What surprises you by the reaction of the praying Chrstians when he comes knocking?
  4. Read Acts 12:20-25. What does it look like for the word of God to increase and multiply today?    

June 9, 2019 -- Acts 10

  1. What is your favorite type of BBQ? Why?
  2. Read Acts 10:1-18. What was Peter’s vision? Why do you think he was perplexed by this vision?
  3. Read Acts 10:19-33. What is this vision ultimately about (see verse 28)? What happens in the passage that leads Peter to realize this?
  4. In this story, we see that our identity is based on faith in Jesus, rather than customs we observe (i.e. dietary laws). What are some similar customs or things that we might trust in rather than Jesus today?
  5. Read Acts 10:34-48. How does Peter sum up what’s happened? What does it look like to live under the “good news of peace through Jesus Christ” today?

Acts 6-7, Stephen, May 26, 2019

Check out the sermon here.
  1. What is something that you held onto that you now see held you back?
  2. Read Acts 6:8-15. What do the people claim Stephen is doing wrong?
  3. Read Acts 7:1-53. To refute the claims, Stephen tells the biblical story. What are the key ideas and points that he makes? What is the overall idea he is telling?
  4. Read Acts 7:54-60. What does Stephen say as he’s being stoned? What gives him the strength to do this?
  5. Stephen ultimately asks the father to forgive all those who are stoning him. Who is someone you can offer forgiveness to this week?