The Being Challenge

Join us for a 40 day challenge as we learn what it is like to "be" like Jesus and "be" with Jesus.

Starting the week of September 11, 2022!

We need your help!   Small Group Facilitators Needed!

Watch the video above to learn more.

Small Group Facilitators help facilitate a small group.  These groups run for 6 week's starting the week of September 11th.   

Small Group Facilitators Will:

  • Participate in the Daily Being Challenges.  For more see a book in the church office or here. (Books will soon be available for in the church office for you to have with a suggested donation of $20.)
  • Select the day, time and place (home, church, zoom, public place) for weekly meetings
  • Invite people to be part of the small group (friends, neighbors, etc.)  Messiah will also help promote and have people sign up on Sunday mornings. The groups will be about 6-12 people.
  • Facilitate the Video Based Small Group.  See the discussion guide here.  You can view the videos here.
  • Pray for their group members and send reminders about the meeting date.

Some groups might have co-facilitators.  So think of someone you might could team up with to help facilitate.

View materials at the links above or stop by the church office.

Let us know if you can facilitate a small group by Sunday, August 21st.  This will allow us time to promote it on Sunday at church.

Questions?  Email Pastor Mark at