Join us as we read thru Luke

Check out the reading plan here. Use the questions each week to reflect on the message or talk about it with some friends or family.

December 9, 2018 -- Mary

You will find the sermon here.

  1. Describe a time you felt unworthy of a task assigned to you.  How did you respond?

  2. Read Luke 1:26-38.  Mary was an unwed, teenager who would become pregnant and is told by the angel that she is “highly favored.”  The angel of God thinks more of Mary than the world would have thought. Describe a time when someone showed you favor and it wasn’t deserved.  What impact did that make on you?

  3. Mary is “greatly troubled” when she finds out that she will be pregnant with God’s Son.  She doesn’t feel worthy. How does she react? (See Luke 1:38)

  4. How is Mary an encouragement to you to act in faith, when God or the church asks you to do something you don’t feel worthy of?

December 2, 2018 -- Zechariah

View the sermon here.

  1. Tell of a time when a Christmas experience did not go as planned.

  2. Read Luke 1:1-25, How did Zachariah experience not go quite as planned when he entered the temple?

  3. In the temple things didn't quite go as planned for Zechariah. An angel of God met him and said his wife, who was beyond childbearing years, would become pregnant with a messenger of God’s savior.  After this extreme experience he was made unable to speak.

    1. What would be going through your heart and mind as you experienced this angel of the Lord?

    2. What would you be thinking and feeling about the encounter if you then lost something afterwards, like you ability to speak?

  4. After Zechariah's experience, his wife gives birth to John who will point people to Jesus the savior who will serve all of humanity.  At John’s circumcision, Zechariah gives a blessing pointing people to Jesus, this servant. Read this blessing in Luke 1:67-79. What are ways you might serve you neighbor or point people to Jesus through your words and actions this Advent season?